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falling in
i used to print out photos with this little baby photo printer and pin them up on my walls at work. photos of friends, photos of me and friends, photos of places and things that i want to remember. i'd usually write a lyric or two on the back of them that i felt was appropriate for the photo's subject. those lyrics still clink around in my head, even though the subjects have changed.

i didn't know what i had that day
every call you never made, every call you waited for that never came
and i know for sure that you'll never be the one
i almost forgot it was twilight

the weird dichotomy between my facebook and my livejournal amuses me sometimes. whenever i add a new friend to facebook, i always glance over my profile to see what i look like to this person. and then i usually close my eyes and kind of embarrassedly chuckle to myself. i think both mediums are strange caricatures of me; different parts of my brain distilled and funneled into different venues. these days, though, i feel like a strange caricature of myself all of the time. this is especially obvious when i'm hanging out with new people. who are you meeting? what do you see?

these days, i am feeling lost.

castle on the water
whenever i wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, i'll almost always get caught up in reflecting about my life and the goings-on involved. what's bothering me and eating at my brain. i'll write emails and journal entries in my head, fully intending to make them a reality in the morning, before i fall back asleep.

when i do wake up the next morning, i almost always have forgotten what they were. it's probably a good thing, though; i don't think anyone needs to know what my mind kicks around at 3am.

haha. hello, livejournal. it's been a while.

starting over
i just realized that if i go an entire calendar year without posting, the year would not show up on my archive page. the weird OCD part of my brain cannot let this happen.

so... hi. maybe i'll be back around these parts more. i'm in a strange sort of mind-state these days, and livejournal has always been vaguely comforting when my brain starts going sideways. besides, i'm pretty convinced that no one actually reads anyone's lj anymore.

i miss:
tuesday night quizzo
going to shows 2-3 times a week
not fretting over time passing
walking out of my apartment into city life
the smell of cable car tracks

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omg stfu n00b
Man, I just went through and corrected a ton of spelling and grammar mistakes in my last post. I even re-read it before I posted and caught a few errors, but, wow. Maybe I should start posting more often to keep the ol' cogs oiled and in working order, as most of what I write/type these days is in Web Nerd[tm].

Dear brain,

Come on, get it together. We're not yet 30, you can't crap out on us now.


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I have a station on Pandora that's called "Sad Bastard Music" that I listen to from time to time. It's actually been around for about three years, but I go through spurts of listening to it all the time and then forgetting about it for a while (which is tragically appropriate.) I think there's only one person that would know what bands and "feel" comprise this station, and whom it reminds me of every time I listen to it, and that's only if they remember a quick, random post of mine from a couple years ago. And really, who would?

A couple weeks ago I was bored and read through a bunch of posts from iCiNG (which I think is the capitalization of that) and she has this thing called "Things I Love Thursdays". I think the general idea was to list a few things that you're happy about. On Thursdays. And hey, look, it's Thursday. I'm going to go with...five things.

  1. Pandora! I'm pretty glad that this exists. I've come across bands that I otherwise would have never listened to, and it's awesome to be able to set a station based on my mood.
  2. Scooter season. Ahh, the smell of two-stroke and having perma-grime under my fingernails. Even when I'm working on them more than I'm riding them, I still love me the hell out of some scooter.
  3. Upcoming trips. I'm going to SF in a month! So excited! I try to go at least once a year, but last year had a trip to Portland/Seattle instead. We're also going to be checking out neighborhoods to *gasp!* live in. Squeeee.
  4. Cutely decorated baked goods. A picture posted on my friends list got me looking at the website for a local bakery here, and oh man some of their offerings are DARLING. I want to be a cake decorator!
  5. I received an email the other day from someone, who mentioned that I was missed amongst a group of people who haven't seen me in almost 10 years. It made me feel a little less like a lost cause. But still, I really have to stop burning the shit out of every bridge I cross.

I need an OM NOM NOM NOM icon
starting over
Hey you foodies out there (/me eyes petit_chou, et al),

Anyone have a good hummus recipe? I've done the pre-requisite "hummus recipe" search on Google, but you just never know. I also tried making one I found on food.com, but it was from Rachael Ray and was TERRIBLE, and even though it had 5 out of 5 stars I'm convinced now that some people are just Rachael Ray zealots since like everything she has on there is 5 stars.


Hummus? Yeah? Woo!

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and my mom just sent me an email of LOLcats. the universe will end shortly, please return your seat backs and tray tables to their upright and locked positions.

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super trooper
dear european car manufacturers,

seriously, did a cup holder kill your parents?

jenn (and her coffee-soaked right shoe)

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i bought a car yesterday. woo! i have another saab to name.


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