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over and over and over
i am a CRANKY BASTARD lately. i don't want to talk to anyone. i am snippy and short and annoyed at you if you try. actually, that's not entirely true; the only people i want to talk to are jon and ____, and unfortunately i think ____ has fucked off (which is not helping a damned thing, really.) everyone else can go fuck off themselves; i just want to sort things out in my head which is also terrible because it leaves me too much time to think. and so i think and mull and stew and ponder and stress and fester and generally be a mess. and a CRANKY BASTARD. can't forget that. i can't be given time to think.

so i go out and drink and socialize and pass out and wake up and go to work and go back out and drink and i haven't done laundry in over a month and oh shit i need to buy cat food.

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Don't worry Jenn. Despite your post, I haven't fucked off. Oh wait damn I just outed myself. Sorry about that.

Tonight is the longest night of the year, sounds like the right night to go out. :)

does this mean the days are getting longer now? i am simultaneously relieved and depressed by this.

Sounds like you're in denial and trying to avoid admitting something to yourself.

It also sounds like you're on the cusp of figuring shit out so it's just a matter of time before it all comes to a head. It'll get better after that.

you're a monkey with a miniature cymbal.

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