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in a crowd
saturday night. this is my birthday party. there are 500 people here, dancing and drinking and having a great time.

i feel completely alone.

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This is the third post I've seen (from different people) that says the same thing.

Sounds like you have plenty of company.

Happy birthday, eh?

it was such a weird night. i actually didn't spend very much time in the upstairs of the bar/venue where the "party" was, and no one really noticed. all these faces and people and "friends" and i knew that if i wasn't there, nothing would change.

although, i did manage to be in the bathroom when they sang me happy birthday, which is tragic and hilarious and just about perfect.

Yeah, I can see that. That sounds like something I'd see on television.

I'm betting your next birthday will be much better.

if you need someone to talk to or stuff, let me know if you want to get lunch/coffee/bourbon.

dave burke (incase the open id shit doesn't work)

HAH! i didn't know you read my livejournal. welcome to my emo.

I have not had a birthday party in YEARS AND YEARS because I always feel like this.

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